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A Talk with Joshua Eustis

Some months ago we’ve been in touch with Joshua Eustis from Telefon Tel Aviv, designing for him a custom Max For Live MIDI effect, basically, a MIDI note repeater. You would say it’s something easy to obtain with Live’s standard MIDI effects, but the results were not exactly what he had in mind. Here’s exactly what he was looking for: […]

K-Devices presentation @ IRCAM

A couple of weeks ago, we’ve been at IRCAM, in Paris: together with Ableton’s Christian Kleine and Jean Lochard from IRCAM, we had the chance to talk about us and Max For Live. Christian started, introducing Max For Live, telling about it’s development; then, Jean did an overview of future Max For Live releases. Alessio ended […]

Keith Mills talks on AutoBeat

Keith Mills, head trainer at, analysed AutoBeat in deep in a new video review. This video demonstrates what AutoBeat is capable of, using it not only for beats, but also for creating melodic parts: starting with vocal slices, then hats, and ending with an AutoBeat driven Synthesizer to create a variable melodic pattern.

Kflux Bundle Now Available

The Definitive Sound Granulation Bundle Kflux bundle is the complete suite for sound granulation for Max For Live users. The bundle contains three amazing devices: Kflux : Max For Live instrument device for granulation of sound Kfluxin : Max For Live audio effect device for granulation of sound Kfluxsy : Max For Live granulator synthesizer