AutoBeat released on & Discounts up to 40% in our shop

Dear all,
it has been a very busy summer at K-Devices. A new device was born from our new partnership with Ableton. AutoBeat is available now at the Ableton Packs Shop!
We are offering on our web shop a quantity discount to celebrate this great day!

AutoBeat  –  Give Beats A Chance

AutoBeat has been designed to create evolving note patterns, keeping you to decide how the beat should play, instead of creating completely random beats.

In AutoBeat you can choose the probability for each step to create a MIDI note. It is the best tool for beats with continuos variations: it’s perfect as a drum machines mate, but it’s also amazing when used with non percussive instruments.

AutoBeat creates also clips: it includes a store clip function that works on the fly even when you are playing Live.

AutoBeat keeps the look and feel of Ableton Live and is extremely integrated with Drum Racks, updating the selected pattern to the note you are editing on the Drum Rack, and including the file name directly in its graphical interface.

AutoBeat is currently available on only.

Here’s a short video demonstration, but you can find the complete AutoBeat feature list, take a look at its product page.


Up to 40% of discount to celebrate AutoBeat release!

We want to celebrate. That is why we created a new promotion valid for all the software products sold on our shop.

  • Buy 2 products to get 20% of discount
  • Buy 3 products to get 30% of discount
  • Buy 4 or more products to get 40% of discount

The discount is automatically applied during checkout. The offer is valid from now until midnight of October 31th CEST.

3 thoughts on “AutoBeat released on & Discounts up to 40% in our shop

    • Alessio Santini says:

      Hi Rob, AutoBeat has never been 40% OFF: it’s in Ableton shop, and the discount up to 40% here, is only in our shop (as mentioned in the title). The current 20% OFF on Autobeat it’s still a good offer ;)

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