totem/ Bundle

Secta VST audiounit plugin

Magma – memory warper and propagator

Secta VST audiounit plugin

Secta – counterpoint amplitude sculptor


Looking for new sounds?

Get your hands on all creative plugins from Totem/ series, now available as a convenient bundle!

totem/ series by K-Devices includes unconventional audio effects coming in a compact format, easy to use, at a lower, convenient price.

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VST AU audio plugins Magma and Secta running in Apple Logic


2 Flavours: dark and light skin

Secta VST AudioUnit audio plugin

Resizable GUI

In-GUI infos

Secta VST AudioUnit audio plugin

Enable Infos toggle to get all parameters details always in sight; just hover on a parameter.

Included Products

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Read more about Magma


System Requirements

Audio effect available as VST3 // Audio Unit // AAX

  • Any 64 bits DAW compatible with VST3, Audio Unit, or AAX
  • MacOS and Windows

VST, AAX, Audio Unit


MacOS, Windows

Tool Type

Audio Effect


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