Kflux Bundle Now Available

The Definitive Sound Granulation Bundle

Kflux bundle is the complete suite for sound granulation for Max For Live users.

The bundle contains three amazing devices:

  • Kflux : Max For Live instrument device for granulation of sound
  • Kfluxin : Max For Live audio effect device for granulation of sound
  • Kfluxsy : Max For Live granulator synthesizer

Kflux Bundle (three devices) is available now for €19.99 (instead of €29.97!)


Kflux is the classic instrument device (the first from K-Devices) for granulation. Now it offers an integrated snapshots system and xy morpher pad! It comes with free touch templates for Lemur and TouchOSC, and it is full OSC compatible!

Kflux is also available as single product for €9.99


Kfluxin is an effect device for audio input realtime granulation, with two independent buffers and a lot of modulation stuff! Kfluxin comes with free touch template for Lemur (TouchOSC coming soon!), and it is full OSC compatible!

Kfluxin is also available as single product for €9.99


Kfluxsy is a versatile, and powerful granulator synthesizer. Kfluxsy is also available as single product for €9.99

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