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Keith Mills talks on AutoBeat

By November 25, 2013 2 Comments

Keith Mills, head trainer at QuantizeCourses.com, analysed AutoBeat in deep in a new video review.

This video demonstrates what AutoBeat is capable of, using it not only for beats, but also for creating melodic parts: starting with vocal slices, then hats, and ending with an AutoBeat driven Synthesizer to create a variable melodic pattern.

Do not forget to take a look to QuantizeCourses.com website and to their Complete and Compass courses here.


  • Joseph Thompson says:

    Does this work with Live the way Ultrabeat works with logic?

    • simone says:

      Hello Joseph,
      AutoBeat is a MIDI note generator, so it creates MIDI notes based on its settings. Logic’s Ultrabeat is an instrument that accepts MIDI notes and creates audio signal. So they are really different. If you need any information about it or about any of our products do not hesitate to get in touch with us here http://k-devices.com/contact/

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