HEXO – Driving multiple instruments

It’s a common practice, when playing around with different ideas for a track, to bring [...]

Arpeggiator? Sequencer? Both, and much more!

We love MIDI tools. It all started with AutoBeat years ago, then we developed Out [...]

Julien Bayle: Unbalancing

“Art has to be extreme” – Julien Bayle “Silence” and “Violence” may seem at odds [...]

MOOR – Unquantized Variable Sequences

Sometimes, in electronic music, there’s just the need of creating progressions that are simple enough [...]

Evolving drones with Holder+WOV

In music, a drone is defined as an harmonic or monophonic accompaniment where a note [...]

ESQ, the euclidean way

Euclidean rhythms are pretty much everywhere in nowadays music and pretty much everyone’s been experiencing [...]

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Phoenix Series starts today!

Today we introduce our first VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugins: WOV and TTAP. This is a huge step for [...]

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Second Woman on AI, New Grids, and Max for Live

Prior to forming Second Woman, Turk Dietrich and Josh Eustis were known for different takes [...]

What’s next?

Happy New Year guys! ESQ launch was amazing, thanks for so much love! We hope [...]

OOG, final chapter (really?)

Few days ago we published a story to tell how and why OOG series has [...]