Meanwhile, @K-Devices…

Dear friends Just few days after the release of EXT, we would like to thank you all for the huge success : EXT has been downloaded hundreds of times! This is great ;) As maybe someone already knows, K-Devices is a bi-located crew : we live/work between France and Italy, and just in these days […]

K-Users : William Harrington and moovmi

Ooook, let’s start talking about users, and how they use k-devices products… Our first guest is William C. Harrington, an electronic and experimental music composer/performer from Los Angeles. William worked for a lot of interesting people, as Gentle Giant and Frank Zappa (wow!!)… He uses our Max For Live device moovmi :)

Controlling Kflux via MIDI

Kflux offers the user two ways to generate grains : continously (Flux mode) manually (Trig mode) In this tutorial we’ll see the second one… When user selects Trig mode, Kflux starts accepting midinote messages ; these messages can be used to trigger grains, or even to control amplitude and position of each single grain. Let’s take a look…

Kflux Bundle Now Available

The Definitive Sound Granulation Bundle Kflux bundle is the complete suite for sound granulation for Max For Live users. The bundle contains three amazing devices: Kflux : Max For Live instrument device for granulation of sound Kfluxin : Max For Live audio effect device for granulation of sound Kfluxsy : Max For Live granulator synthesizer