Arpeggiator? Sequencer? Both, and much more!

We love MIDI tools.
It all started with AutoBeat years ago, then we developed Out Of Grid tools, to let you create modulations, basslines, beats and more with a different approach.
Yes, we love MIDI tools…

HEXO project started years ago, as our idea for an evolved arpeggiator. Why evolved?

Two main raisons:

  1. you write the arpeggio you exactly want
  2. you feed the arpeggiator in different ways

The core of HEXO is the pattern editor: the Grid.
The Grid is a deep six track sequencer, where you can meticulously write your patterns, thanks to a lot of parameters available per step, exclusive per-track time values, and global utilities. Range-based random functions are available as well, as inspiration or smart kickoff for your search for the perfect pattern.
HEXO loves go polyrhythmic, polymetric, or both. It also likes catchy 4/4 stuff, of course!
According to selected main mode, ARP or RIFF, you can set intervals or notes for each track, and thanks to the live input function, you can set these values by holding up to six notes on your MIDI keyboard; you can change the harmony on the fly, while the pattern is running.

Concerning the different ways to feed the arpeggiator, HEXO offers a series of modes and options:

1- ARP Mode

In Arp mode HEXO “builds” the pattern on top of single notes you play live, or coming from a MIDI clip in Ableton Live. The pattern is independent, and it’s synced to the transport, so you can play several notes during one cycle, or improvise on the keyboard, getting inspiring changes of harmony in the middle of the pattern. It’s like an augmented way to play music!

2- ARP Mode + Retrig

By enabling the Retrig function, the pattern loses the sync with transport, and all sequences start from step 1 each time a new note is received. This is cool cause you can play fast notes to get just the first part of the pattern, and hold notes when you want the get the whole pattern/arpeggio. Like a new dimension of expression.

3- RIFF Mode

In RIFF mode… well, you have one of the must powerful polyphonic sequencer available! You set pattern and notes, then you hit play to let HEXO do all the job…

4- RIFF Mode + Live Input

In RIFF mode, you can still get a like-arpeggio behavior: by enabling the live input, you set (by holding them) the notes for each track, on the fly. This is useful to change harmony while you work on a pattern, as said, but also is playable. While HEXO plays the pattern you can change the harmony.

Last but not least, since “Variation” is a keyword for HEXO: the snapshots!
You can store up to four snapshots per preset, and you can recall them by automation, remote control, or the Autosnaps system. This lets you set a “weight” for each snapshots, and a time interval to get a trigger, in sync with transport. The trigger will recall a snapshot by a weight-controlled random function!
So while you are enjoying one of the options listed above, you can get the snapshots changed, then the pattern, or just the notes/intervals.

We designed HEXO to be a complete, deep, and versatile tool to write musical content, we hope you’ll enjoy it!
…And as usual, HEXO comes with a nice discounted launch campaign.


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Availability, price, and deals

HEXO is available now with a special introductory price: 24€ instead of 39€.

We celebrate HEXO with deals on the whole shop:

  • An automatic 20%OFF is applied on all items (excluding HEXO and bundles) adding 2 products to cart
  • An automatic 30%OFF is applied on all items (excluding HEXO and bundles) adding 3 or more products to cart
  • K-Pack (now 21 quality Max For Live devices!) is >50%OFF = €249 instead of €515
  • OOG Bundle (5 Out Of Grid devices!) is €89 instead of €155

Discounts are applied automatically in the cart – no codes needed
Valid until January 7

Time to check HEXO full details and to start making new patterns and arpeggios!

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