Promo time at Ableton… And updated K-Devices packs!

Hi friends!

You know, our goal as M4L developers is to release always new cool devices and continuously improve and update the existing ones.

So today we have good news, wether you already got our packs at Ableton shop, or not.

If you already own AutoBeat or Herse, well, it’s time to download again: we just release 1.1 version for both, and of course, they are free for you ;)
The updates improve the devices and add extra contents… Of course the new versions are retro-compatible with your existing presets.

If you didn’t get your hands on AutoBeat or Herse yet, this is the time: with the current –20% offer at Ableton shop, you can grab these amazing devices for, let’s say that, a ridiculous price: AutoBeat is 23€/31$ instead of 29€/39$, Herse 15€/23$ instead of 19€/29$.

Click on this banner now.



Check out AutoBeat and Herse page for details about new features and content.

Let’s quickly say here that we improved GUI in both devices, added new features, Open Sound Control compatibility, and more. Check this videos:


Ops, we just said Open Sound Control? Free Lemur template are ready to be downloaded :)

[twocol_one]HERSE_TT_FRONT[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]autobeat_tt_front[/twocol_one_last]

Special Guests Drum Kits!!

In the 1.1 release, we also injected more fuel in the AutoBeat pack: now you get 15 presets, 40 Instrument Racks, 9 amazing Drum Kits made exclusively for AutoBeat by artists, sound designers, and Ableton Certified Trainers like Afro DJ Mac, Federico AscariFranz Rosati, Hyena, Noah Pread, Piezo. That’s a lot of hot stuff ;)

[sixcol_one]Afro_DJ_Mac_AB[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]Federico_Ascari_AB[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]Franz_Rosati_AB[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]Hyena_AB[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]Noah_Pred_AB[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one_last]Piezo_AB[/sixcol_one_last]
Have fun!

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