Looking for an effect to inject life in your beats? A companion to work with during your guitar performances? Something to enrich your vocals, or any other kind of source? You need a tool to process sounds in realtime. You’ll love HERSE!!

Drop HERSE in a track and be ready to get an impressive processing power: complex time handling functions, a state of the art slicer, exciting step sequencer based effects, and more, it’s all inside! HERSE is the perfect device to refine your sound, massively or slightly.

You can heavily process your drum loops, or add echoes and nice cuts and clicks to a guitar, a voice, or any other kind of source.

How it works

HERSE is a M4L audio effect designed to rearrange and process audio. It is composed by two main sections: the slicer grid, and the sequencers based effects.

As an audio effect, HERSE works with live audio input, so you can use it with your clips, or just feeding it singingplaying any sort instrument or any virtual instrument. The buffer works tightly linked to the audio input, so you do not need to wait before start slicing, just hit play and go!

HERSE lets you apply different effects amount to any step: each parameter takes advantage of an exclusive step sequencer. You can even morph between 4 steps configurations, taking their snapshots and using the morph fader. You can set up any step number from 2 up to 16.

Both HERSE’s slicing grid and step sequencers are based on an exclusive time resolution engine: in addition to a main resolution, a variation can be applied; a fader is available to set which should be used, basing on probabilities. This creates many possibilities to twist your sound. You can also increase the swing amount to make it fit perfectly in your groovy live set.

Herse is a great EDM swiss-army knife. With the 8 or 9 tools all self-contained, Herse is a handy sound-design tool that instantly gives you fun results with minimal effort. Dig in to the back end and automate it for truly expressive and powerful control, or simply play with the randomizer to get unique results fast. Personally, I won’t think of “drunk-walking” the same way again – what a great feature!

Matt Donner, CAO/COO Pyramind Training

Complete List of Features

  • record 1, 2 or 4 bars
  • lock your buffer
  • set main and variation time resolution, including normal notes, triplets, or dotted
  • set probability to get main or variation time resolution
  • set amount for swing
  • dynamically change number of steps from 2 up to 16, on the fly
  • reorder slices using the grid
  • arrows: shift up and down all grid sequence
  • trig default or random sequence for the grid
  • use drunkwalk to trigger slices randomly from a given sequence
  • stay on one slice using freeze functions
  • increase crossfade value to avoid clicks
  • 7 step sequencer based effects: roll, shaper, amp envelope, lo-pass filter, amplitude modulation, resonator, volume
  • set exclusive amount, for each effect, for each step!
  • drunkwalk and freeze available on step sequencers too
  • save up to 4 snapshots for step sequencers configurations
  • morph between snapshots with morpher slider

System Requirements

Available as Max For Live device

  • Live 10 or higher
  • Max For Live
  • MacOS and Windows


Tool Type

Audio Effect