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TERRA is the definitive choice for sound designers and producers. With its flexible structure, effects, modulators, and sync options this polyphonic synthesizer can produce any kind of sound!
TERRA is a deep but easy to use Max For Live instrument device, so powerful and versatile.
From edgy leads and bass lines, to drones, layered pads, complex rhythmic structures, unusual sequences and experimental sounds; you can do anything with TERRA!
With an arsenal of features, sound designers, producers, and experimental composers can get so many different results!
A world of sounds: that’s Terra!


TERRA is designed to be your deep and easy to use sonic weapon. Its straight but flexible structure will let you work in total confidence, setting things up to reach many different kind of sounds! Three oscillators, with three waveform manipulation parameters, go thru exclusive ADSRs, pan, and amp. Oscillators can also interact between them via hard/soft sync, advanced frequency modulation, ring modulation, and, in one oscillator, self phase modulation.

Sound goes then to effects. There are three effect slots, a lot of effects for each slot, and a one click router operator that change signal flow according to four presets. This is how the sound is generated and handled.

Then comes the modulation, a lot! Four modulators, multiple kinds of modulations, and exclusive bipolar amount to affect to a lot of TERRA’s parameters! Up to eight parameters can be modulated, by four killer sources, each with exclusive amount, and a terrific feedback on user interface! You can even close the modulators panel, keeping an eye on modulated parameters, working modulators, kind and amount of modulation.

Finally, if you work in unison, a special panel will let you edit pitch ratio and amplitude for each single voice.

It’s so versatile, so powerful, so… Easy !!

“If you are looking for a versatile, full-featured synth with the ability to generate a wide variety of modern tones, then this could be for you.”

Dave Dove – Audio News Room

“…this is a serious device for serious sound designers.”

Joshua Casper – Ask Audio

Massive Modulation

Modulation is strong in TERRA: you can use up to four modulators. Each modulator can be an advanced step sequencer or envelopes generator, an LFO, an ADSR or a DAHR; each modulator can modulate up to two targets with bipolar exclusive amount. You can modulate up to eight targets, with four different modulation sources and different amounts!
Each modulated dial will also show the modulator color, its kind and its modulation amount.


Smart FX approach

Three effect slots are available. You choose from a list of effects (from classics to oddities). The routing selector lets you change the order of oscillators and effects with just a click! This opens to immediate changes and surprising results.

Unison Power

In Unison mode, TERRA not just unifies all its eight voices: thanks to the unison panel you can edit pitch ratio and amplitude for each voice!  This let TERRA achieve also additive synthesis, super saw fatness and odd cinematic stuff.


Huge synthesis

TERRA synthesis engine is based on additive-generated interpolated wavetables: big sound, zero aliasing!

The oscillators section is reach of options and parameters. Phase distortion, folding functions, hard and soft sync, ring modulation, linear and exponential FM, individual ADSRs, panorama and amplitude; all you need to create your sound is here!

Complete List of Features


  • three oscillators
  • current waveforms: sine, triangle, saw, square, pulsar
  • detuning for each oscillator
  • phase offset for each oscillator
  • phase distortion for each oscillator
  • bend for each oscillator (wavefolder for sine and phase bending for other waveforms)
  • boost for each oscillator
  • osc 2 and 3 are slaves of 1 for hard sync, soft sync, ring modulation
  • osc 2 get FM amount from osc 1 and 3
  • linear FM (trough zero or not)
  • exponential FM (with range parameters), modulates up to 500%
  • FM may be post or pre ADSR
  • self phase modulation on osc 2
  • individual ADSR, pan, amp for each oscillator


  • three effect slots
  • quick routing selector
  • current effects: AM, AM+, Overdrive, Destroyer, Grains, Hi Lo Filter, Lo Res
  • Filter, Free Delay, Sync Delay, 2sync Delay, Mad Volume, Reverb, Chorus,
  • Phaser, Flanger


  • four modulators
  • each modulator can be envelope generator, advanced step sequencer, LFO, ADSR, DAHR
  • each modulator can modulate up to two targets with bipolar exclusive amount


  • unison panel allows user to edit pitch ratio and amplitude for each voice

System Requirements

Available as Max For Live device

  • Live 9.7.5 or higher
  • Max For Live with Max 7.3.4 or higher
  • MasOS and Windows


TERRA sound design provided by


Stephan Bobinger

Mattia Rubizzi

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