TATAT VST3 AudioUnit MIDI plugin


TATAT is a MIDI plugin designed for 3 main purposes: to create always-changing sequences, to quickly sketch and store music ideas, to add unexpected events to fixed patterns.

If you’re looking for new ways of generating musical ideas, then look no further than TATAT! Set up your parameters, define a mood and listen to an endless flow of notes which you can then record, tweak, export and play along to.


TATAT VST3 AudioUnit MIDI plugin Bitwig

Multiple Time Res

TATAT VST3 AudioUnit MIDI plugin

Set chance for each time resolution to rule the stream, and scale results with main ratio to create organic time fluctuations.


TATAT VST3 AudioUnit MIDI plugin

Set chance for each notes to get triggered, enable the keys toggle to change the notes on the fly, giving a different color to the stream.

Double Hit

TATAT VST3 AudioUnit MIDI plugin

Set two intervals and the probability they got triggered, adding harmonic weight to the stream. If you are playing a sliced sample or drums, then you can set some double hits.

Let’s Process The Stream!

TATAT VST3 AudioUnit MIDI plugin

You can process the generated notes with several parameters: add a velocity variation, a delay, set the length, randomize, and mute some notes. It’s easy and intuitive.

Flow vs Pattern

TATAT VST3 AudioUnit MIDI plugin

LIV/MEM parameter has a 0-100% range. When is set on 0%, a buffer with given length continuously records the stream; when it’s different than 0%, the buffer got locked, and you set the chance to get live or buffered notes. When you set 100% you always have the buffer content as a static pattern. You add the stability you want to the lunatic stream!

Clip Export

TATAT VST3 AudioUnit MIDI plugin

You found the right mood? You can export all variations you want as MIDI files in your timeline, clipslots, or even a folder: quick and easy!

2 Flavours: dark and light skin

TATAT VST3 AudioUnit MIDI plugin

Resizable GUI

TATAT VST3 AudioUnit MIDI plugin

Full Details

TATAT generates an infinite and always changing sequences of notes.

You cannot say exactly what TATAT will do, but you can suggest a path to it: by setting up its parameters you can create what we call a mood for TATAT.
A mood is a configuration of notes, intervals, time fragmentation, velocity fluctuation, and other factors.

Once you set a mood that you are happy with, you’ll listen to an infinite stream of events, always changing, all staying in the mood.

At this point, according to your needs, you can:

  • Let TATAT play its stream, and make some intervention to control it: to add silence (Less), to obtain smooth accelerando and ritardando (Ratio), to control how TATAT generates intervals. You can enable Key In function to change notes on the fly (with a keyboard, or just feeding TATAT with a MIDI clip).
  • Add some stability by controlling/automating the Liv/Mem slider, moving between the generated stream and frozen patterns.
  • Use TATAT to send its notes to enrich (by enabling Thru) existing/incoming MIDI data/parts.
  • Export a nice mood as a series of MIDI files/clip: just click on the export icon and drag it in you session or where you prefer. For each time you’ll drag it, TATAT will create a new variation of the mood! This is a great feature to create a set of coherent ideas/lines/riffs as a starting point for a new project.

Last but not least: TATAT gives you excellent results both with melodic/harmonic and percussive parts!


  • Time Resolution – Set numerator and time signature for time resolutions
  • Time Resolutions Multislider – Set chance for each time resolution to be selected
  • Ratio – Scale all time resolutions by this factor


  • Notes – Set notes for the stream
  • Notes Multislider – Set chance for each note to be triggered
  • Keys Input – If enabled, user sets up to 4 notes with incoming MIDI notes


  • Bichords Chance – Set the chance that a bichord is triggered
  • Bichords Intervals – Set intervals for bichords
  • Bichords Selection – Set the chance to pick up interval 1 or 2 when a bichord is triggered


  • Velocity Main Value – Set main velocity value
  • Velocity Variation Mode – Set to add or subtract variation value to main value
  • Velocity Variation Value – Set a variation value to add or subtract to main value
  • Less Value – Set the chance to mute some notes
  • Delay Value – Set a delay value for generated notes (0-100% of time resolution)
  • Delay Random Mode – If enabled, delay value will be the higher value for random operations
  • Delay Mode – Mute or play dry notes
  • Lentgh Value – Set note length (0-100% of original length)
  • Length Random Mode – If enabled, length value will be the higher value for random operations


  • Buffer Length – Set buffer length. This value will affect the other parameters/actions in Memory section.
  • Liv-Mem – If equal to 0%, then the generated notes are recorded in a buffer with given length (Buffer Length), live notes are triggered. If different from 0%, then recording stops, the buffer is locked, and this value become the chance to play live notes or buffer content. If equal to 100%, then just buffer content will be played in loop, as a frozen pattern.
  • Export Clips – Click and drag to export MIDI files with a given length, in DAW timeline or clipslots, or in desktop/folders you want. Each time you click and drag, TATAT will export a new variation of the current mood.
  • Thru – Let incoming MIDI notes pass thru
  • Play – Enable/Disable the stream

System Requirements

Available as VST3 // Audio Unit

  • Any 64 bits DAW compatible with VST3 or Audio Unit MIDI FX

  • MacOS (Apple Silicon ready) and Windows

TATAT is also available as Max For Live device.



VST, Audio Unit


MacOS, Windows

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TATAT VST3 AudioUnit plugin