Shaper 2

Audio Destroyer


Shaper is a multi-fx processor designed to let you redefine or totally destroy any kind of sound source.Shaper version 2 brings our classic waveshaper / multi fx everywhere: Shaper 2 comes now as VST, AAX, and Audio Unit!

How it works

Shaper is composed by several modules, that you can rearrange as you want:

  • a glitch gate, now with a Smooth parameter
  • a waveshaper with 5 inspiring functions: Muffin, Multistress, Cracker, S&M, Bits&Samps
  • a transform module with Clip, Wrap, Fold, and sFold functions
  • a resonator/short delay, that can act as a comb filter too

New addiction of version 2, a lopass/hipass filter lets adjust the processed sound.


All you need to add a personal (destructive!) touch to your sounds is here. Emphasize your basslines working with waveshaper’s sections blend and color, or increasing the clip’s value (this works great also on drums and acoustic percussive sounds). Blow digital coldness to your synths going wild with S&M and Bits&Samps functions, or increasing wrap or fold values . Add unpredictable dynamic glitches thanks the exclusive gate. Shaper is your digital edge!

Transform Functions


Digital warming function with a distinction in the weight that noise takes in the wet signal.


Fragmented function, giving a more modulated FM-ish result.


Digital warming function with a distinction in the weight that noise takes in the wet signal.


Amplitude modulation driven by ramps; the length parameter sets the frequency of these. This function brings a like-metal flavour… Raw digital power!

Bits & Samps

Standard bit reducer.

Modular Structure

Drag and reorder modules as you prefer and create different chains for different needs.


Beyond classic oscilloscope, two displays show the exact function you are using to process incoming sounds.


You choose how to feed Shaper 2 and how to mix it with Gain and Mix parameters.

Go By Feel - Precise editing

As part of encouraging more musical and creative applications of Shaper 2, in addition to using symbols for controls, the controls in Shaper 2 do not have individual readouts. We encourage you to let your ears determine the right knob positions whenever you can! If you’d like a precise readout, however, you can see/edit it by clicking on any parameter and looking in the upper-right corner of Shaper 2.

Icons - Text Labels

By default, all labels are graphical – for text labels, click the symbols/text label switch in the lower-right corner (just like you would with any other Phoenix Series plugin from K-Devices).

Waveshaper Functions






Raw badass distortion, each module allows to radically shape the sound and gets unexpected, interesting and organic variations. The sound becomes fuller, crunchier and more exciting.

Flavia Laus

It’s an amazing tool for destructive sounds transformations . A simple sine waveform can easily become a screaming and piercing beast or a static drum loop turn into a troubled and restless texture.


Phoenix Series - Phoenix Bundle

Shaper 2 is part of Phoenix Series.
The Phoenix Series from K-Devices uses classic effects as a springboard for deep and intuitive creative sound tools. Moving beyond K-Devices origins in Max for Live, the Phoenix Series plugins are available as VST, AU, and AAX, and work for a variety of instruments and styles. Capable of familiar effects as well as experimental and randomized sound shaping, the Phoenix Series is a new spin on essential plugins.

The Phoenix Series is now available as a bundle!

Get WOV + TTAP + Shaper2 for a special price: 109€ instead of €177.

Phoenix Bundle Product Page


System Requirements

Available as VST // VST3 // AAX // AudioUnit

  • Any 64 bits compatible DAW
  • MacOS 10.9 and higher
  • Windows 10 and higher
Tool Type

Audio Effect


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Shaper 2