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parallel (sound) worlds

Secta VST audiounit plugin


Secta is an audio effect that dynamically splits incoming audio in two sections and processes each with an exclusive kit of effects, sculpting silence, shaping accents and amplifying hidden details, guiding each layer into a parallel sonic dimension. A sound-designer (unforeseen) dream.

Secta is truly something I’ve always wanted! It’s a sound I can now achieve with this one plug-in versus setting up byzantine chains with gates, limiters, multi-band compressors, and gain sequencers to make stuff sound broken.

Turk Dietrich – Second Woman, Belong

Building on the concept of a multidimensional gate, Secta processes the audio in a unique way, adding an ephemeral and dramatic touch to acoustic instruments, warmly disintegrating loops, injecting abrupt drops and retexturizing your lines, or throwing down any beat into a dark path of fragmentation.

Shape the Envelope

Set Verge and Boost to create the envelope that will control Above and Below; use Smooth and Mode to shape it in different ways.

2 Worlds

Above and Below, two sides of the same sound, individual paths (different effects and moods), which eventually converge in a new sonic entity.


Above and Below sections come with Drive and Lo/Hi pass filter the get the perfect shape for any sound project.

Mandatory Process

No dry/wet here: embrace the totem wisdom and get processed!

Lock Parameters

Enable lock toggle to preserve key parameters values while browsing presets.

2 Flavours: dark and light skin

Secta VST AudioUnit audio plugin

Resizable GUI

In-GUI infos

Secta VST AudioUnit audio plugin

Enable Infos toggle to get all parameters details always in sight; just hover on a parameter.

Hard-to-describe with classic effect categories (it’s a totem/ !), Secta processes both sides of a gated source independently, acting as a counterpoint amplitude sculptor.
Secta cuts to (re)generate. Secta is a colorizer, no mix parameters are available: just load Secta onto your track and let it inspire you with its timbrical shades. A gate, a dynamic multi-distortion, a double headed tectonic monster, a trembling detuned textures generator, and more… so many uses of Secta have yet to be discovered!

At first, Secta splits the incoming signal acting as a gate effect: the user sets an amplitude threshold using the Verge and Boost parameters. The signal’s amplitude portion greater than the threshold value generates an envelope which controls the Above and Below sections. The envelope itself controls the frequency of a lowpass filter in the Above section (resulting similar to a lowpass gate), while its inverse value controls the amplitude of the Below section. Such envelope can be shaped using several global parameters: Smooth, Retain, and S/C.

Above and Below sections process sounds using a different set of effects each: the more rumbling Above, the more textural and looney Below.

Using one section at a time holds interesting sculpting results, while combining and balancing them is great for creating richer textures.

  • Boost – Increase input level
  • Verge – Set amplitude threshold to generate Above and Below envelopes
  • Mode – Direct mode – envelopes for L and R drive their respective amplitude /// Crossed mode – envelopes for L and R drive opposite channel’s amplitude /// Summed mode – summed L and R envelopes drive both channel’s amplitude
  • Smooth – Smoothen the envelope
  • Retain – Prolong envelope’s fall by adding randomic bursts
  • Drive Above – Add distortion to Above section
  • Cut Above – Filter out frequencies from Above section
  • Amp Above – Set volume for Above section
  • Drift – Apply short randomic delay, inject tuning instability
  • Melt – Smear Below section
  • Drive Below – Add distortion to Below section
  • Cut Below – Filter out frequencies from Below section
  • Amp Below – Set volume for Below section
  • Sidechain – Amplify Above envelope to add ducking to Below section

totem/ series

Secta is part of totem/ series by K-Devices: unconventional audio effects coming in a compact format, easy to use, at a lower, convenient price.


System Requirements

Audio effect available as VST3 // Audio Unit // AAX

  • Any 64 bits DAW compatible with VST3, Audio Unit, or AAX
  • MacOS and Windows

VST, AAX, Audio Unit


MacOS, Windows

Tool Type

Audio Effect


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