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sound as matter

Magma vst3 audiounit audio plugin


Magma is an audio processor that grabs incoming audio and twists its presence throughout time, blends it with its past self, unravels its most recondite shades and controls its weight in space, creating everything in between dark drones, shimmery textures and weird percussive timbres.

At the very crossroad between a micro-looper, a granular engine, a sustainer, and a sound warmer, Magma can squash your sounds with reverb-like, big shaking auras, or sprinkle air and make your lines ethereal.
Simply load Magma on your track and give your sounds a new identity.

Go Raw or Keep It Smooth

The RAW switch disables an envelope follower applied to the input by default. Set it ON for a sharpen sound, or OFF for a smooth texture.

Memories and Frozen Time

Choose how much persistent memories should be, and let Magma blend past with present; enable the freeze toggle for an organic infinite sustain.


Set the playback speed of memories to harmonize the present with perfect and odd intervals.


Use the intuitive EQ section to boost/cut hi and low frequencies and get the perfect timbre for your texture.


We included a classic Mid/Side operator; you’ll love how it can sculpt the texture, giving weight or adding air to it!

2 Flavours: dark and light skin

Resizable GUI

In-GUI infos

Enable Infos toggle to get all parameters details always in sight; just hover on a parameter.

Magma is a sound processor with its very own character. Magic when paired with acoustic sounds, it can transfigure all kind of sources in unexpected ways: it will react differently, according to the input you feed it with. It can either magnify or disintegrate.
Magma can be molten lead, screaming metal, frozen wind.
You will handle Magma with care, paying attention on how each parameter acts, according to different contexts. Magma will carry your sound around unexplored territories.

Magma continuously records the incoming signal in a short buffer, it then plays back the content by blending different moments in time, creating a texture.

User can set the density and the persistence of the texture, that can sound as a reverb, an infinite sustain, or a sort of spectral shadow.

Several parameters let user sculpt the texture: an EQ section, a Temperature knob (a specifically designed distortion adds a noise-based amplitude modulation on higher values), and a Mid/Side knob to handle its weight in space.

  • Raw – Disable input envelope, sharpen incoming signal
  • Memory – Remember audio from the past, blend it with the present
  • Freeze – Freeze input, equal to Memory at 100%
  • Size – Set buffer’s length, smaller values are dense
  • Lo – Cut/boost low frequencies
  • Hi – Cut/boost high frequencies
  • Rate – Set playhead’s speed, alter pitch
  • Mid/Side – Balance Mid/Side, alter stereo image to give weight/air
  • Temperature – Apply distortion, higher values add amp modulation
  • Wet – Set volume of processed signal
  • Dry – Set volume of original signal

totem/ Series

Magma is the first plugin of totem/ series by K-Devices: unconventional audio effects coming in a compact format, easy to use, at a lower, convenient price.


System Requirements

Audio effect available as VST3 // Audio Unit // AAX

  • Any 64 bits DAW compatible with VST3, Audio Unit, or AAX
  • MacOS and Windows

VST, AAX, Audio Unit


MacOS, Windows

Tool Type

Audio Effect


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