Audio / MIDI Modulator

LFOH! is an augmented, stunning, LFO which enhances the possibilities of the classic cycling envelope by adding control over a set of advanced and unique features.

The flagship LFO from Modulators 21 finally debuts on iOS with an additional twist! Use its powerful oscillator to modulate incoming audio’s amplitude, map it to control other parameters in your project via MIDI CC messages, or … both!
Explore its flexible waveform generation engine to create unique textures and modulate everything that’s MIDI mappable in your mobile setup!
A tool you already know, with the most advanced features: simple and powerful.

Modulating parameters via MIDI CC

LFOH! in Drambo

Modulating parameters via MIDI CC


Modulating audio amplitude

LFOH! in Cubasis

Learn LFOH!


Continuously morphable and selectable waveforms (sine, ramp down, triangle, ramp up, square, noise).

Sculpt, going deep

Edit cycles with classic and advanced features: let your signal swing, bend it, squeeze it, hanlde its boundaries (fold, wrap, bend), smooth it, inject rhythm via sample and hold!


Set amplitude mod amount, or scale the modulation signal to fit the MIDI range you need to control the modulable parameter in your set.

Go By Feel - Precise editing

As part of encouraging more musical and creative applications of LFOH!, parameters do not have individual readouts. We encourage you to let your ears determine the right knob positions whenever you can! If you’d like a precise readout, however, you can see/edit it by clicking on any parameter and looking in the upper-right corner of the interface.

Dark - Light skin

System Requirements

Available as AUv3 on iOS

LFOH! only works in an AUv3 host app like AUM, Drambo, Cubasis, etc… 






Tool Type

Audio Effect, MIDI, Modulator


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