The classic from K-Devices, Kflux is pure granulation!

Just drop a sample, and let Kflux create a wide range of sounds for you: streams of grains, massive granular clouds, complex textures, walls of noise, etc…

How it works

Kflux is very easy to use: it has a friendly user interface and detailed descriptions for each function or parameter. It works like a sampler : just put in your audio sample and let the granulation begins!

You can process your sounds in several ways: by setting time parameters to control grains density, or triggering grains via MIDI. You can read samples using the position slider, or even use a beat-oriented approach, linking this parameter to the Live’s transport: try using Kflux to stretch drum loops for great results!

Pitch, duration, and time parameters works with couples of values as a range, this changes for each grain and creates movement in your granular clouds. The filter too works grains by grains: considered a given range of frequencies, grains are generated with exclusive frequency value; this gives you more organic textures.

All classic envelope functions are here: from gaussian to blackman, from expodec to recpodec; and for more warming power, you can inject some noise in!

Need dramatic continuously-changing textures? Easy: just take advantage of the xy morpher slider.

Kflux is developed using exclusively standard Max objects, to guarantee compatibility with latest Live and Max For Live versions. It comes unlocked!

System Requirements

Available as Max For Live device

  • Live 9.7.5 or higher
  • Max For Live
  • MacOS and Windows


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