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HEXO is a Max For Live deep and complete tool to create, sketch, and/or variate your harmonicmelodic, and beating contents.
Tons of advanced features, and just few clicks to generate new inspiring loops and beats!
Edit and write your patterns, set probabilities for each step and let HEXO create variations on the fly for you.
Use the advanced random functions to create new rhythms and grooves. Enjoy the advanced time settings per track, to go easily polymetric and polyrhythmic. Choose between Arpeggio or Riff mode: let HEXO build harmony movements on top of your live played notes and MIDI clips, or just hit play and let HEXO do all the job!

How it works

HEXO is based on six tracks where each one generate streams of MIDI notes from a sequencer that may work from 2 to 32 steps independently. For each step of each track you can define the event on, its velocity, its length and decrease its chance to be generated.

This creates riffs and patterns with continuous changes and possibly with multiple metrics very easily!
Each track has exclusive tools for advanced editing: time resolution, a smart randomization and a back to default buttons, a function to rotate the sequence, global parameters of length and velocity, sequence bending and a delay.
Considering the chance feature, that reminds a bit of our classic device AutoBeat, HEXO is very helpful to generate original riffs and variations originated from the same riff based on your preferences.
It is also possible to store up to 4 snapshots and modulate between these to alternate riffs on the fly; the AutoSnaps function then can be used to variate between these snapshots with the probability amounts you want.
Being a MIDI device, HEXO works with any instrument. Each track can be set to work on a specific MIDI note or interval, and it is also possible to map these with an external keyboard on the fly.

It’s to me the best interface K-Devices has done yet – an intuitive brick grid giving you independent access to multiple tracks of notes with velocity, length, and probability controls always visible and editable.

Peter Kirn – CDM


All demo made with single notes + arpeggio pattern by HEXO

part 1 – Single notes progression (A1-D2-E2-A2-D3-E3) + HEXO pattern arpeggio – 2 different patterns are recalled via automation

part 2 – HEXO in Riff mode plays 3 patterns, selected by automation

part 3 – Single notes progression (D#2-F2-A#2-C3) + HEXO arpeggio pattern – different patterns are recalled by Autosnaps function – Bend parameter sets all playheads in an exponential path

part 4 – Single notes progression (G1-A#1-C2-D#2-F2-G2-A#2) + HEXO pattern arpeggio – different patterns are recalled by Autosnaps function

part 5 – Single notes progression (A0-C1-D1-G1-A1) + HEXO arpeggio pattern – different patterns are recalled by Autosnaps function – lots of chance settings on steps creates always changing unpredictable arpeggio cycles

An Arpeggiator... and More Than That!

More than a classic arpeggiator, HEXO offers a different approach to interact with its grid pattern using live notes: if in Riff mode HEXO plays the pattern as an usual step sequencer, by enabling the keyboard icon toggle, user can press and hold up to six notes, and automatically set new notes for the tracks.
HEXO will continue to play the pattern, and you can change the harmony on the fly!

In-Grid Quick Editing

HEXO is based on a per track highly editable brick-grid which allows you to create/delete events, change their velocity, their chance and their length independently. All parameters are graphically displayed in the grid at the same time, so you can get you pattern settings in a sight.

Track Global Tools

Each HEXO track allows you to globally scale velocity and length; and with the delay parameter you can change time relations across tracks.

Master of Time

Each HEXO track uses independent steps number and time resolutions to easily achieve Polymetrics and Polyrhythmics settings on the fly when you need it!

Live Notes

Enable the keyboard toggle to set up notes and intervals on the fly. Change the harmony with live notes while HEXO plays patterns in Riff mode.

Snapshots & AutoSnaps

Save and recall on the fly up to 4 snapshots per preset, and move between them with the AutoSnaps probabilistic function for infinite variations.

Smart Randomizations

Want to quickly redefine one of your HEXO tracks on the fly? Set your rules for each of the edit layers (note, velocity, chance and length) and quickly rearrange your musical content.

Bend that track!

Bend parameter allows you, like in OOG series, to move the sequences playhead in unusual ways, getting new out of grid time design, all staying in sync with Live’s transport.

HEXO pack content

Enjoy HEXO immediately: we included exclusive presets, Ableton clips, and two instruments.
IMMERSIVE 1 is a series of devices and presets crafted by musician, producer and sound designer Stèv (Stefano Fagnani), exclusively conceived around HEXO. It features two unique playable sources (the mellow, atmospheric Pluck and the acid stab Hyperism) based on original designed samples and Live’s Simpler, paired with space effects, particles parameters and transient enhancement, all controllable through pre-mapped useful macros. These timbres are like a mirror of two opposite flavors reflected in Stefano’s original compositions and musical vision, where crystal clear definied textures blend with warmth, wide reverbs and organic explorations.

System Requirements

Available as Max For Live device

  • Live 9.7.5 or higher
  • Max For Live
  • MacOS and Windows

Live 9 pack includes device and presets. Live 10 pack includes device, more presets, clips, and instruments (check manual for details)


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