Max For Live MIDI tool designed for generation and advanced manipulation of patterns and beats



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ESQ is a Max For Live MIDI tool designed for generation and advanced manipulation of patterns and beats.
ESQ is based on several sound synthesis techniques, adapted to a standard step sequencer to deliver incredible new flexibility.
Basically a 6 tracks sequencer, ESQ can control and trigger up to 12 (!) different notes.


ESQ is composed of two sections: the device itself, and the external window.
ESQ is designed for you can focus on writing sequences in the external window as first step, then deeply twist them with the parameters you get in the device. Once you wrote your sequences, you can close the external window and go wild on device parameters for a journey through unexplored sequencing territories!

In the external window you’ll find all tools that you are already comfortable with, if you usually work with step sequencers for beat making: an unique step sequencer lets you handle velocity, chance, and relative delay for each step. You can set exclusive number of steps for each tracks, all tracks maintaining always the same length. Then advanced random functions (the K-Devices way), copy and paste, the chance to trig up to 2 notes and edit up to 2 sequences per track, will let you work faster and get complex results, when you need them.

When you got a nice pattern, you can close the external window. The device itself offers a nice visual feedback of your sequences, and you’ll find here a series of unusual tools to process exclusively each track: moving steps, shifting and creating accents, introducing breaks, deeply controlling the time.

Be ready to enjoy beats you never even dreamed of!

All demos made with 1 instance of ESQ + 1 Drumrack


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It’s a phase!

ESQ sequences are audio-driven, so you can manipulate them in innovative ways, thanks to like-audio processors: bend, squeeze, warp, and more.

Time flexibility

Once you set a global length, you can set exclusive ratio and number of steps for each track: welcome intricate patterns à la carte!

Multiple sequences

Play and edit up to two sequences per track. Select track by hand, automation, or random. With chance parameter, this opens doors for infinite variations and generative music.

One step, multiple parameters!

Set velocity, chance, and relative delay for each step; easily edit and keep an eye on all values thanks to multiple view in this step sequencer exclusively designed for ESQ.

Drag them all!

Use drag function to smoothly scale the whole sequence with your mouse.

Global controlled random

Set your values for velocity, chance, and relative delay, check tracks you want global random affects, and hit the button to get instant coolness!

Copy / Paste

Move perfect sequences from a track to another thanks to copy and paste buttons.

6 tracks -> 12 notes

Each track can trigger up to 2 notes, thanks to random probability rules.

Hierarchized time resolution

All sequences phases depend on the main one. It’s fun to automate global or local ratios for time fluctuations, to get back in sync when you want! All sequences will keep the same length, so to play with local ratios also introduces unexpected breaks, allowing to play your sequences for example one time and half, then start again.

OOG Series

ESQ is part of OOG series!!
OOG tools are designed to write music and control instruments and effects with a different approach and new features.
Starting as a familiar kind of tools (basically step sequencers), these devices go beyond the classic functions.
Being their engines audio-driven, OOG devices bring sound synthesis and processing techniques (as sync, phase distortion, etc) to modulation and MIDI sequences manipulation, opening to new exciting perspectives.

These are killer devices for users that want to go wild with time signatures, complex time, micro articulation, odd groovesIDM and experimental music; but they are also so versatile and easy to handle! They will become the best partners also for users looking for catchy bass lines, straight beats, and groovy modulations!

System Requirements

Available as Max For Live device

  • Live 9.7.5 or higher
  • Max For Live
  • MacOS and Windows


OOG Bundle

Get ESQMOOR, Twistor, AutoTrig and TATAT for a special price; unleash OOG power in your projects, for less!

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