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AutoTrig is a MIDI notes generator designed to create mainly percussive beats and grooves with a different approach.
Four tracks are driven by a common time resolution, so they will always stay in sync, but each track hosts exclusive time handling parameters and trig processing operators, to create complex structures.

How it works

We created AutoTrig for musicians to get cool patterns and shifting grooves with just a few moves. AutoTrig comes with a linear, clear user interface, but it have a strong personality: it’s simple to understand, but it has been designed to challenge the user. You cannot approach to AutoTrig with a clear idea for a beat (you have AutoBeat for that!); AutoTrig it’s made to create patterns in a different way. To create a basic pattern it’s easy and fast; from there, the best experience is to tweak parameters live while listening to the immediate results: unexpected grooves and surprising rhythmic structures will emerge. Beyond events generation parameters and operators, a deep snapshots section offers a wide range of possibilities: the user can store up to 4 snapshots, and recall them individually: by hand, using automation, or by enabling the probability toggle, which allows snapshots that have been selected by chance, according to each slider, to create extremely complex chains of events – always staying in sync, of course! In our experience AutoTrig is a great tool for shaping techno and minimal electronic music patterns, but thanks to its advanced time handling features and chained snapshots it’s awesome also when you want some experimental sequences, specially in the micro-time domain! Want to go deeper on AutoTrig? Download the manual, and be sure to follow up our series of quick tips on Instagram, or forthcoming new video tutorials on YouTube.

Multiple Always-in-sync Time Resolution

You set a main time resolution, then you can set ratio individually for each tracks, in order to get complex rhythmic structures.

Multi-multi track

Each track comes with multiple functions that will let you create your beats with an innovative approach.

Velocity Rules

Two tracks come with dynamic velocity settings, the other two have static velocity.

Chance Rules

The tracks with static velocity offer a chance-based system to trig multiple notes.

MIDI Notes or Audio Signal?

Use free included device MiMu6 to convert MIDI notes to Gate/Trig/CV signals!


Save up to four snapshots, recall them by hand, automation, or chance.

This is about climbing into the cockpit of an advanced alien spacecraft, mashing some buttons, and then getting warped all over hyperspace, your face melting into another dimension.”

Peter Kirn – CDM

…new wind into electronic music composing

Tom Wies – Synth Anatomy

MuMi6, the audio pal device!

AutoTrig and MiMu6 send CV audio signals

Thanks to MuMi6, a free device included in the pack, and the new multichannel features of Live 10, AutoTrig can control your outboard via CV! Just load MuMi6 on the same track, and AutoTrig will convert its interface to deal with it.
For each AutoTrig track you can choose between gate or trig signal, and you can use velocity value as CV too. Isn’t awesome?? In order to use the CV/GATE feature a DC coupled audio interface or D/A converter is required.

MuMi6 it’s included only in Live 10 version of the pack (buying AutoTrig you download a zip containing both Live 9 and Live 10 packs).

OOG Series

AutoTrig is part of OOG series!!

OOG tools are designed to write music and control instruments and effects with a different approach and new features. Starting as a familiar kind of tools (basically step sequencers), these devices go beyond the classic functions. Being their engines audio-driven, OOG devices bring sound synthesis and processing technics (as sync, phase distortion, etc) to modulation and MIDI sequences manipulation, opening to new exciting perspectives.

These are killer devices for users that want to go wild with time signatures, complex time, micro articulation, odd grooves, IDM and experimental music; but they are also so versatile and easy to handle! They will become the best partners also for users looking for catchy bass lines, straight beats, and groovy modulations!

OOG Bundle

Get ESQ, MOOR, Twistor, AutoTrig and TATAT for a special price; unleash OOG power in your projects, for less!

OOG Bundle Product Page

System Requirements

Available as Max For Live device

  • Live 9.7.5 or higher (MuMi6 and some sound design content requires Live 10)

  • Max For Live

  • MacOS and Windows

  • Exclusive grid template requires Push2


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