Alter Echo


What does a super delay do? Well, it delays signals with incredible accurate tools, and it offers a set of crazy manipulation parameters.

That’s Alter Echo!

Alter Echo is the most creative delay you can use in Ableton Live. Thanks to a wide range of parameters in four sections: what sequencer, texturizewhen sequencer, and side-chain compressor. It does great job as classic delay, and it brings a lot of innovative uses!

Alter Echo lets you delay a signal, exactly how you want. Then, it goes beyond and it lets you shape the delayed signal with exclusive advanced features. This delay effect will take your sound to a next level, into unexplored textural vibrationscomplex accents configurations, continuously moving rhythms, and more!

Check the video overview below to know more about the structure of this new incredible device.

How it works

In Alter Echo, signal is sent to the delay circuit via the exclusive what sequencer. This tool allows you to choose exactly what part of the incoming audio you want to delay, managing its amplitude, also with fade in and fade out. This works from simple contents up to very rich and intricate configurations: you get up to 16 steps, accurate shape editing tools for each step, all time configurations you want (4/4? 7/8 triplets? 3/4 dotted? 7/32? 31/4? You can use them all!).

Once you’ve chosen how to feed the delay, you set delay time. Delay time works in ms or note values; again, all the time configurations are available as for the what sequencer, for infinite possibilities.

The audio goes then trough a low-pass/high-pass filter, and then in the texturize panel. This panel offers tons of handling parameters. Everything is based on the texturize length. This is a differentvalue from the delay time, and here’s the big difference with other delay effects. Often, in a delay effect, you get reading directions, but for example if you select “backward”, you’ll get backward segments equal to delay time. Delay time is 1/4? Then you’ll get 1/4 reversed slices. In Alter Echo you keep these functions as independent values: you can have a short 1/64 delay, and long 1/4 forward and backward slices, for a liquid and smooth shortly delayed wet signal. The same is for all parameters of this section: you can apply amplitude envelopes, split the playhead in two, and move the second playhead to create stunning accent configurations, or set the repeat chance to enrich the dry signal with a partially rearranged and delayed wet signal. This is so cool!

The wet signal is finally sent trough the when toggle sequencer. It handles the amplitude of wet signal thanks to the interpolation parameters, going from a fast vibrato, up to unexpected breaks, and more.

Then dry and wet signal are sent into the side-chain compressor. That’s definitely the best way to handle wet and dry amplitudes dynamically based on the content. And last but not least: a separate dry/wet mixer is a must to fine tune your vibes!

We keep usability as main purpose in all our devices, and Alter Echo offers useful tools in this way: a stunning display, available in audio or in infographic modes, the compact view mode, to save space in the channel strip keeping an eye on what Alter Echo is doing, the unlink mode, to expand the Alter Echo interface and edit both channels with exclusively.

Alter Echo will become your favorite delay, even if you need it on loops, to play live with your instrument, for classic delay use, or inedited delayed madness!!

Alter Echo is the most flexible and creative delay I have ever worked with.

Brian Smith, owner of big brain audio


full view – unlinked mode

full view – linked mode

compact view – audio mode

compact view – infographic mode

Complete List of Features

  • two display modes, audio and infographic
  • link/unlink modes to edit both channels at once or separately
  • compact view, save space, keeping cool
  • what sequencer to accurately feed the delay circuit with advanced shape envelopes
  • unlimited time configurations for all time-based parameters
  • hi-pass / lo-pass filter
  • exclusive texturize panel with handling parameters: directions, split playhead, repeat chance
  • when toggle sequencer to accurately choose when sending wet signal trough Live
  • side-chain compressor to creatively handle dry and wet amplitudes

System Requirements

Available as Max For Live device

  • Live 9.7.5 or higher
  • Max For Live
  • MacOS and Windows


Tool Type

Audio Effect

Alter Echo