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Modulating an Eurorack modular setup from Ableton Live

A modular synthesizer is definitely a useful tool to experiment with when it comes to [...]

Writing music with generative tools

When thinking about generative devices in music, first things that come to mind are experimental [...]


TTAP as a tape effect simulator

Modern beatmaking has seen an huge comeback of Lo-Fi sonorities, such as pitch warping. This [...]

Repeat, Bend, Spread | TTAP walkthrough ep. 2

In the first episode of our TTAP walkthrough series, we dove deeper on the plugin’s [...]

Overview, envelopes and Section | TTAP walkthrough ep. 1

TTAP is a unique audio plugin capable of creating an infinite amount of textures and [...]

Using KNOR with a controller

KNOR is a modulator device sitting in between of pondered automation and real time instinctive [...]

Multidimensional Mapping + LFOO

Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly more common to find alternative control surfaces in the field of [...]

MOOR – 3 gateways to Phase music

Thinking about patterns in music, it may come natural to get our mind closer to [...]

TTAP – Additive synthesis with audio rate delay

Nowadays, an incredible abundance of sound generation escamotages is pushing the boundaries of electronic music [...]

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TATAT – Arrange melody and counterpoints with buffer automation

One of the cool things about creative technology and forward thinking plugins is the capability [...]