Let the Totems in

Be ready for some hot news: a brand new series of audio plugins from K-Devices is coming, and the first product of such series is going to be released pretty soon.

This new series is so special to us!
We’ve been working on these for a while now with a vision in mind: for them to be wild, odd, raw.
We’re confident they’ll become the secret ingredient for your most feral sound design dreams.

Though being all explicable in classic DSP terms, these plugins come in rather unconventional shapes: we intersected different processes through unusual combinations, resulting in sound processors that act according to the user’s settings, while also sparkling an untamable character.
They’ll add their own thing to your sound; tools with a personality you’ll have to deal with: rough energy.

We like to think about them to be the first of their kind, effects coming to life without heritage nor strict references.
Their legacy will be their contribution to your music.

First of their kind (fitting no other category), bringing an alternative and (let’s say) mysterious power, far from what we already acknowledge: we call them the totem/ series.
A totem is supernatural, it’s beyond, it’s something out of the ordinary.
A different, alter energy.

Totem/ series will have a big impact on our catalog: we’re going to release multiple plugins. They’ll be compact, easy to use and they’ll come at a lower, convenient price (even lower during launch campaigns, as usual).

Curious? We can’t wait to unleash them, so just hold on for a few more days!

…and if you have any question, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or leave a comment here.

Be ready for the totem/ series: we are looking forward to deliver this power right into your hands!

8 thoughts on “Let the Totems in

    • stefanostev says:

      We currently have no plans about doing a bundle, since the plugins are going to be released one by one. Purchasing them separately at launch is the best way to get the cheapest deal :)

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