OOG, final chapter (really?)

Few days ago we published a story to tell how and why OOG series has been created.
Well, today we announce a new member for the OOG happy family: ESQ!

This is the bigger device in OOG series: an incredibly powerful patterns generator that will help you create loops and beats you never even dreamed of ;)
ESQ is just the more rich and powerful beat maker device available!

Like its other OOG brothers, ESQ has a main purpose, to create drums patterns, and incredible features to push them beyond the grid.
These features will help you to go thru experimental and unstable wild territories, or just to spice up a bit some boring beats. It depends on your needs.

Powerful and flexible

ESQ is a 6 tracks sequencer, but it can trigger up to 12 notes: for each track you can set primary and secondary note, then you can use a chance factor to let ESQ trigger one note or the other. You can also lock primary note, then ESQ will add the secondary one according to the chance factor.

ESQ has been designed to let the user start making beats with a well known and comfortable object, like a step sequencer.  Thanks to the powerful 3-in-1 step sequencer we designed for ESQ you can set and get immediate visual feedback for three parameters: velocity, chance, and relative delay. You can edit sequences by hand, or thanks to local and global advanced random functions. For each track you can set the number of steps you want (range 2-16), and you can edit up to 2 different sequences. You can recall sequences by remote control, or again, by chance. Notes and sequences features chance let ESQ play for a while, never repeating the same beat! We experienced that these factors + slow time + synth sounds bring ESQ in ambient and generative territories with great results! Not just beats, then ;)

Once you are happy with your sequence, you can close the external window, and go wild manipulating sequences in the main user interface. Each sequence is driven by an audio ramp, so you can twist, squeeze, scale (and more!) the sequences as you never did it before. You can massively process each sequence with exclusive parameters, and thanks to global and local ratios you can go really far from grid, all staying in sync with Live’ s transport, to get back safe in grid when you want. This is an elastic beats maker! … And visual feedback in this section is just terrific!

You can use ESQ in multiple ways: use it for your in-the-grid beats, add some OOG power to inject small variations, or go wild with out-of-the-grid madness! Really ESQ allows you to do things that you cannot do with other tools.

Availability, price, and deals

ESQ is available now with a special introductory price: 29€ instead of 49€.

We celebrate ESQ with an introductory price and deals on the whole shop:

  • OOG bundle, new version – ESQ, MOOR, Twistor, AutoTrig, TATAT – 89€ instead of 155€ (more than 40%OFF)
  • An automatic 20%OFF is applied adding 2 devices to cart (excluding ESQ)
  • An automatic 30%OFF is applied adding 3 or more devices to cart (excluding ESQ)
  • K the Pack – ALL our Max For Live quality devices (20!!) – 239€ instead of 476€ (50%OFF)

Discounts are applied automatically in the cart, no codes needed.
Deals are valid until Dec 31.

Warning -> ESQ is deep: check the PDF manual available at product page, to know all details before to buy, or (strongly suggested!), in order to learn all the things you can do with your new OOG baby, after you bought it :)

Following our initial plans for OOG tools, ESQ is the last Max For Live device of this series. We have introduced a modulator (Twistor), a mono sequencer (MOOR), 2 different kind of triggers generators (AutoTrig and TATAT), and now a deep drums station. We’ll improve these devices with new features in the future, but the line is now complete.

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Thanks for your continuous support!

Time to check ESQ full details and to say hello to your next generation patterns!!

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