OOG part 2: AutoTrig and TATAT, lunatic Max For Live devices

Last November we announced a new series of Max For Live devices, the OOG tools.

“OOG” standing for Out Of Grid, this series includes incredibles Max For Live devices designed to write music and control instruments and effects in a brand new way. First of this series, MOOR and Twistor, are step sequencers with unique features.

Today we launch two new OOG tools, with same purposes and a different approach: no more sequences, but cycles! That means that user do not get steps here, but (massively editable) time resolution and other parameters to send MIDI notes at a given frequency.

As other OOG tools, these two also are based on the same design: they are simply the best things you can use for complex out of grid stuff, but they do great job also for linear/in-the-grid needs. We experimented with them getting great results in a wide range of genres: from techno music to micro-sound domain.

So let’s introduce officially…

AutoTrig – Beatmaker Challenger

TATAT – (Unstable) Streams Generator


Both of these devices are multi-something: AutoTrig is a multi-track (wild) triggers generator mainly designed for percussive parts, TATAT is a multi-chance (unstable) streams generator mainly designed for melodic parts.

We had some serious fun developing these two devices, and we decided to made them in a way that led us to finally deliver unusual tools: these are devices that challenge the user… “What??!”… Yes! Let’s see this.

AutoTrig, it’s easy and fast to get your hands on, and it’s easy and fast to get a basic cool percussive pattern with, but from there, you have to deal with its personality: the best way is to edit parameters and listen to results. This is a different way to create a beat: shifting structures and unexpected grooves just emerge. AutoTrig will bring you thru unexplored rhythmic territories!

Same for TATAT: you cannot say to it what you exactly want, but you can set up for a mood: by editing parameters in order to get a given amount of time fragmentation, and one or multiple notes. More, you have the chance to introduce velocity variation, mute some notes, and so on. A cool thing in TATAT is that, when you found the right mood, but you are looking for stability (a riff, a line), you can export all the clips you want. Then you can bypass/disable TATAT, or even remove it from the track, and edit/launch your MIDI clips. It’s tested: according to the mood, TATAT delivers only cool clips!

Un post condiviso da K-Devices (@kdevices) in data:

Two nice details about AutoTrig:

  • it comes with a nice Push 2 custom template
  • it comes with MiMu6, a free devices that converts its MIDI messages to Gate/Trig/CV audio signals, and route them to different audio channels (multichannel = you’ll need Live 10 for this feature)

Both AutoTrig and TATAT come with a pack full of presets, clips, and instruments. Sound design by Ivo Ivanov, Piezo, Stephan Bobinger, and K-Devices.

AutoTrig and TATAT are available now at 29€ each.

Time to check AutoTrig and TATAT product pages for full details, videos, and manual ;)


We celebrate AutoTrig and TATAT: deals!!

  1. K the Pack – ALL (19!!) our Max For Live quality devices – 249€ instead of 467€
  2. OOG bundle – MOOR, Twistor, AutoTrig, TATAT – 69€ instead of 108€
  3. An automatic 20%OFF is applied adding two products to cart (bundles and OOG devices excluded)
  4. An automatic 30%OFF is applied adding three or more products to cart (bundles and OOG devices excluded)

These deals are valid until Tuesday June, 30.

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