TERRA means “Earth”

Hello folks,

it’s been a while since our last post: we was working really hard, on something that would’ve make us proud of ;) It’s something that we can finally share with you!

We developed several devices over these years: crazy and cool utilities, pattern generators, different kind of effects. We love our devices, and we know you love them too, thanks to your constant support, messages, and precious feedbacks.

In these years, Simone and I exchanged a lot of ideas and approaches about the tools that we use in our compositions, about what we’d like to develop, to have, and also about what we’re missing as users.

We love synthesis, it’s a fact, and that’s why we never published “huge” synthesizers ’til now, simply because we were fine with a lot of the available one. But you know, as time passes by, and thinking as developers too, we started to imagine how the best synthesizer should be for us; what we’re missing in other products, as functionalities, sound, or use. Basically is what we always do for any of our products. Alter Echo followed the same line: from our point of view, it’s the best delay you can get if you work with Ableton Live.

Now, this “for us” thing is a large concept: as I often said, my colleague and I are very different kind of users, and we usually do not agree in a minute! This leads us to a continuous, diplomatic, fine-tuning and re-arranging of our ideas, that pushes us to highly metabolized shared results! In the end, after a lot of discussions (as it should be), we always get the device we both dreamed of!

We share our thoughts about synthesizers from the beginning of our collaboration (there are also several “secret prototypes” currently sleeping, that maybe will see the light someday! Who knows…). What we wanted to achieve was a powerful and complete device, versatile and easy to use. Simple huh!?
We was looking for something that would’ve gave us comfort for any sound creation situation: we wanted our home for synthesis. We started calling this project TERRA, because in italian this means “Earth”. Then we just loved this name ’cause it’s simple and even its logo is something that’s been designed in some minutes (usually it takes weeks of discussions :) ).


TERRA is a powerful, flexible, and easy to use synthesizer, and you’ll love it!

Where is the power?
It’s wavetable based. Each wave uses multi samples per each MIDI pitch up to 20KHz to get less aliasing, (so it uses up to 2446 partials at MIDI note 0). In unison mode, user can shape the sound editing pitch ratio and the amplitude for each voice: this opens the doors to additive synthesis approaches, fat supersaws, odd cinematic stuff!

Where is the flexibility?
All over the instrument. We included a lot of effects (from classics to oddities), and a selector that handles the signal routing from oscillators to effects. For what concerns the modulation, TERRA comes equipped with four modulators. Each modulator can be an advanced step sequencer or envelopes generator, an LFO, an ADSR or a DAHR; each modulator can modulate up to two targets with exclusive bipolar amounts. So you can modulate up to eight targets, with four different modulation sources and different amounts! The modulation targets are all the dials in the GUI. Each modulated dial will also show the modulator color, its kind and its modulation amount.

More flexibility.
Back to oscillators: there are different options to create interaction between these. Osc 2 and 3 can be hard or soft synced to Osc 1, as ring modulated too. Osc 2 can be frequency modulated from osc 1 and 3, with linear (thru zero or not), or exponential (with range parameters), and may be post or pre ADSR. Osc 2 also have a dial for self phase modulation. Each osc have individual tuning, phase offset, ADSR, pan and amplitude parameters.

TERRA is a world of sounds: with all its features, it can really do anything you need! It’s the perfect companion for sound designers, lead masters, experimental composers, and so on…

Seriously, TERRA is a monster, you’ll love it!

Check the video teaser here for a first sight, then go falling in love with TERRA here.

We planned a long life for TERRA: we’ll release free updates with more wavetables, more effects, more presets, more more more… Be sure to stay up to date!

TERRA is available now at Ableton’s Packs Shop. Regular price is 49€/69$, but the good thing is that Ableton in these days is discounting all packs, TERRA included! So get your copy now, and save money ;)

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Still here?? Go!!

Enjoy ;)

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