Meet TED: your next modulation assistant

Hi there,

summer is ending and it’s time to go back in studio and create new music. Maybe with a new tool: that’s why we’re now introducing a new guy we called TED.

TED is a modulator, and you know, the first thing that comes into your mind when thinking about modulation is the LFO (at least for us). Well, this is how a serious LFO should be:

  • morphable waveforms
  • phase edit
  • sample and hold with variable amount
  • multimode folding
  • smoothing


TED is not only an LFO: it can be used as an arbitrary function generator too: this means that you can define how many envelopes you need, then trig them, for both the sample and hold and the main oscillator.

With TED’s control signal, you can modulate any parameter in Live, as Live’s GUI, Live devices, or as any third party plugins, and for the first time we’re taking care about CV/GATE compatible stuff!

Yes! TED has has been designed to be CV/GATE compatible! This means that if you have a DC coupled audio interface or a D/A converter, you can use TED to synchronise your modular synth to Live, or you can simply use it as a function generator/LFO for any modular parameters! Take a look at the video here to get an idea of how it may work:

We made TED fully Open Sound Control compatible, so you can control it from any OSC device, or use the Free Lemur Template available in our shop at this link.


With all these features TED is going to be your best friend for crazy and complex modulations!

You can get your hands on it and do some crazy modulations from now for only €5,00.
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  1. Aaron Bergman September 5, 2014 at 3:31 pm #

    Like all of the K-Devices creations, this is simple deep and brilliant. It makes complex modulations really easy. I have most of their devices. They find a way on to almost all my tracks.


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