Black Friday, time for great offers… and a gift from K-Devices!


You know it, today it’s the Black Friday, and we prepared a great offer for you.

From now on, using the coupon code BlackFriday13atKD you will get all the products we sell on our shop and also the EDU courses for 40% OFF!!! This is a great chance to meet our devices for the first time, or maybe to finally get those that you were keeping an eye on from a while ;)

Just add that code to the cart, and the discount will be applied.

This offer is valid until December 1st 2013 CET. Minimum order is 9.99€.


But, wait, there is more: we are releasing a new version of a great K-Devices classic: EXT.

In the last year, EXT became a great success. Many of our customers did amazing things with it, and you are probably one of them. We worked a lot on new devices this year, and we always thought “hey, how can we improve EXT?”.

Well, it’s done: EXT 2 is here and just for today, it’s free!

EXT 2 is a completely redesigned device, starting from the core. Now it is lighter and more CPU friendly, with a bunch of new features: now you can shape each step of the sequencer with a precise envelope editor, it supports different note values like dotted and triplets, it has a swing control, and time variations parameter too.
This little monster can do a terrific job in your set!

EXT 2 is a major update. It is free for today onlyq. It is going to be priced at 3.99€ starting from tomorrow (November 30th CET).

Take a look to the product page for details about its new amazing features, and grab it for free now.


Keep an eye on K-Devices, news are just around the corner ;)


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