This is REF: the rad envelope follower!

Need an envelope follower on steroids?

Did it! We released it today, it’s called REF, and is really powerful and versatile!

But wait, there’s more: it’s free until May 31st!!

REF is the new Max For Live device from K-Devices: an envelope follower with a lot of advanced features. It allows you to modulate anything you want in Ableton Live: other devices, the user interface, and third party plug-ins, using sound as source.

With REF you can use the perfect frequency range you need from the audio source, to control any parameter in your set, with an envelope shaped exactly as you want!

You can control the amplitude of your bass listening the low frequencies of your kick, you can drive the cutoff of a filter using another track as source/control, you can set the send amount of a track with a voice or a guitar, and much more!

  1. find the perfect source from your audio using low/high pass filter and gain
  2. select the target
  3. choose the kind of envelope you prefer (relative/absolute, logarithmic/linear, positive/negative)
  4. apply a delay time and classic time functions (attack, hold, release)
  5. set a control range for the target

Just easy and fun!

So what you’re waiting for?? Grab your copy here!!

Enjoy REF!!

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