Shaper: the audio destroyer from K-Devices

Ok, it’s time for this new device: Shaper is now available!

Shaper is a new Max For Live audio effect for audio destruction: it comes with two waveshaping algorithms, glitch-gate, resonation or comb filter mode.

This is our first device developed with the Max 6 engine only: we exploited the amazing Gen~, for more quality and less CPU usage!

Shaper support both 32 and 64 bit mode.

We decided to insert two monitors, displaying audio signals before and after audio processing: this gives you a realtime visual feedback about how you are morphing you sound wave.

Shaper is perfect for percussive sound and signals with an high dynamic range.

But the great news is: Shaper is released as FREE download until March 31th, then will be available for 3.99€ only. What you are waiting for? Go grab your free copy ;)

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And don’t miss the funny teaser:

That’s all… Have a fun destruction with Shaper!

4 thoughts on “Shaper: the audio destroyer from K-Devices

  1. Craig says:

    I can’t say for sure, since I cannot analyze the ableton live dump file… but ever since I started using shaper (32bit) with Ableton Live Suite 9.02, it has been crashing constantly.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    • simone says:

      Hello Craig,
      thanks for the feedback! Shaper has been tested with the latest release of OsX and Win 8 and works perfectly in 32 and 64 bit both.
      This is the first report we received about this topic, and we’re very interested in understanding why you’re experiencing this problem. Can you contact us directly via our contact form?
      thank you

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