Live 9 is out, K-Devices compatibility report

Dear users,
Live 9 has finally been launched!
We are going to release a compatibility update for all our products soon, in the meanwhile here’s a list of how our products currently work in Live 9.
You may already install all our packs in Live 9, thanks to the legacy mode: you’ll find the pack between the others, but with the “legacy” tag added.

According to our test and to the feedbacks from other users during Live 9 beta testing:

  • drumk 2 works fine
  • EXT works fine
  • moovmi works fine
  • kflux family devices give often an error. They don’t produce sounds, but we already have prototypes of well working kflux family devices, and we’ll release a fix update in few days, please be patient!

Other updates are coming: we are working first on the device compatibility, then on the pack compatibility.

We are really excited for improved quality and features given by new Max For Live engine, based on Max 6.1!

Speaking of new features, keep an eye on our blog or social: we are testing new products, and a new, amazing, freebie is coming (very very) soon ;)
This lovely new little monster will be free only for a limited time, so, keep an eye on!

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