We released drumk 2!!

Hi friends!

We are really proud to announce the immediate availability of the beat-oriented sample manipulator drumk 2.

Drumk 2 is not just an update of drumK (discontinued): is a brand new device, with a lot of new exciting features!

First, in the old drumK we included some step-controlled effects for the audio manipulation : overdrive, filter, delay… But when we started to work on version 2 our idea was: “Hey, instead to include an overdrive, why don’t we give to the user the chance to control its favorite overdrive?”. Anyone of us, when using effects, wants to use the effects he prefer! That’s why we replaced the old effects multislider by an ext multislider, giving the chance to control, in the same way, up to 4 parameter in the Ableton Live’s UI, other Ableton Live devices, or third-party plugins. This is really huge, because now user can create and save racks with drumk 2 controlling the right effects for each situation!  We’ll publish a lot of video tutorials soon, showing this function as well.

We wanted to create an useful tool for beats manipulation, a perfect tool for both studio and live performances as well. We dreamed about a device designed to be totally edited with a lot of functions, but also a super-esay-to-play instrument for live situations! For this reason, we added snapshots and gestures functions. Now it is possible to store up to 8 snapshots for each preset of drumk 2, having a whole lot of variations. But that’s not all: gestures triggers (up to 8) let user morph from a snapshot to another one, in a defined time. With this features, and a couple of samples (drumk now can handle up to 2 samples!), it is now really easy to perform a whole song!

Of course we kept the best features from drumK: drunkwalk and walker functions, time variations, and re-written amp envelope section.

As we usually do for our other devices, drumk 2 is fully compatible with OSC protocol, so users can use their favorite controllers to play drumk 2 (an exhaustive OSC chart is included in the manual). We also built a Free Lemur Template, available from now as well.

We really hope you’ll enjoy drumk 2! Don’t  forget to keep us up to date about crazy drumked stuff you’ll produce ;)

Have fun!


4 thoughts on “We released drumk 2!!

  1. Sinapsya says:

    Hi….I like very much the drumK, and with new Lemur Template it’s really the best drum manipulation device for live :-)
    I have a question, when you release a real tima audio version (FX version)?
    Sinapsya (Fabio)

    • alessio says:

      Hi Fabio!
      thanks for your interest. We work to release something like drumk, but working as an FX, stay tuned ;)

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