Meanwhile, @K-Devices…

Dear friends

Just few days after the release of EXT, we would like to thank you all for the huge success : EXT has been downloaded hundreds of times! This is great ;)

As maybe someone already knows, K-Devices is a bi-located crew : we live/work between France and Italy, and just in these days we are meeting in a single place to finalize our projects. In fact, since communication technologies evolve, have a beer around the same table is still a fundamental moment during work :)

Here at K-Devices HQ, we are working hard to release other amazing devices. You know we are going to update drumK with a major update…

Beta testing ends on October 31, but we already received interesting feedbacks from testers. We are currently closing the pack with amazing presets, sample set, etc. We plan to release drumK 2 during November.

As usual, DrumK 2 will be equipped with a Lemur template.

We will keep you updated about our progress. Don’t miss to let us know about your work with our devices!

Alessio & Simone


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