Freebie time : EXT time!!

Dear friends and users,

One year and half ago we released our free device moovmi, for movie to midi conversion. This was (and still is) a great success, with regular daily downloads and entusiasthic feedbacks (btw : thanks for your support!!).
As our followers know, we actually work on a major update for drumK, a beat-oriented sample manipulator.

This update gonna be really huge! One of our favorite new features is the ext section : we thought that if people want to manipulate their samples, they should do it with effects they love! So we kept (and improved) the handle multislider, and replaced the fx multislider with an ext multislider, giving to drumK the chance to control up to 4 targets in a set : devices or third part plugins parameters, and anything in the Live’s UI.

This is supercool, and works great : you can see a quick video demo here.

So, since we like a lot the ext factor, and we like to release some freebies for our users, we release today a little brother of forthcoming drumK 2.0, called EXT :)

EXT is a multislider-based modulator that allows to control, or play, anything you want in a Live set. It’s a lovely, little device : it’s (really!) easy to use, and we found it useful (we share it for that!).

Some details :

Just click on “select” toggle, then click on a parameter in your Ableton Live set to modulate it : target’s name is displayed in EXT’s UI… done! You can refine modulation, scaling outcoming values to a specific range, and/or applying interpolation time between steps.

It is possible to choose between two play modes : steps and trig. In steps mode, multislider steps are triggered in sync with Live ; in trig mode, steps are manually triggered via MIDI messages.

EXT contains drunkwalk and walker functions, for random madness and never-ending modulation!

Use several instances of EXT in your live set :
more EXT -> more control -> more fun!!

Read full details and grab the device pack (device+manual+license+surprise) here.

Have fun with EXT ;)

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