K-Users : William Harrington and moovmi

Ooook, let’s start talking about users, and how they use k-devices products…

Our first guest is William C. Harrington, an electronic and experimental music composer/performer from Los Angeles.

William worked for a lot of interesting people, as Gentle Giant and Frank Zappa (wow!!)… He uses our Max For Live device moovmi :)


Moovmi is a free video-based MIDI generator that produces midinote sequences from video data analysis. It reduces the video source to a low-res grid, where each cell generates midinotes in a predefined interval and pitch, and velocity is determined by the luminance of the cell. The user can influence the midi sequences by processing the source with video parameters such as brightnesscontrastsaturationthresholdcolors feedback, etc…


Here’s a video of a live performance at Earl Meal Webcast. William used here moovmi to trigger 16 samples, using video FX parameters :

William is currently working on a piece for one dancer with lighting FXs and back projection, using moovmi as the sound source.

Thanks William for using moovmi, and don’t forget to keep us up to date about your work!

Hey, if  you are an happy k-user and you want to share your story with us, don’t hesitate to contact us here ;)

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