Kflux Bundle is coming!!

The next Kflux update is coming… We know : it took a looong time, but we are very close :)

Kflux is a loved device : people gave us a lot of feedback (very important to us) and featured requests! We started working on 1.2 version some time ago trying to implement most important requests, then, as Kflux was becoming a little bit too complicated (or messy, if you prefer) than the way we like, we choosed to release three different devices : one for each major feature…

Here’s a list of forthcoming Kflux devices :

Kflux : the classic instrument device, with a integrated snapshots system and morphing area
Kfluxin : an audio effect device, with two buffers and a lot of modulation stuff
kfluxsy : a simple, powerful, and versatile granular synthesizer

Kflux and Kfluxin will be released with free Lemur and TouchOSC templates (TouchOSC only for Kflux now, but Kfluxin template is right around the corner).

The bundle devices are optimized for the official MFL version, so Max5 engine (but gen~ powered versions are almost ready!). We plan to release all this stuff in a few days.

The price for each device will be 9.99€. The bundle (three devices) will be released for 19.99€.
The devices come unlocked.

Kflux owners will receive an email (please check up your Paypal address in the next days!!) with a code to update Kflux to 1.2 for free, or pass to Kflux Bundle with discount.

A very important note about future updates : please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, because this is the only way to stay updated on this subject!

That’s all! In the meantime, take a look to the UIs and listen to some presets from Kfluxsy!

Kfluxsy presets :

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