Connecting Kflux and TouchOSC via OSC

Kflux comes with TouchOSC and Lemur free templates. The templates are great tools to control the device and design parameters automation…

Let’s take a look!

To enable OSC communication, is easy :

  • Click on “OSC” button (above the sample area) to show the OSC panel
  • Set input and outport ports
  • Set iPad IP address
  • Use “send” and “receive” buttons to enable sending and/or receiving OSC messages
  • Click on “dump” to send current status of each parameter to iPad
  • Done!
Display functions :
  • “From MFL” displays OSC messages from Kflux in the Max Window
  • “From external” displays incoming OSC messages in the Max Window
  • “Open OSC communication panel” opens the Max Window
This is handy when users want to build their own template! For example : just click on “From MFL” to see the OSC names of each Kflux parameter ;)

As usual, the better way to use OSC communication over WiFi, is using Ad Hoc networks.

Here’s a short video demo with TouchOSC template :

As you can see is really easy… and fun :)


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