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Connecting Kflux and TouchOSC via OSC

By June 24, 2012 No Comments

Kflux comes with TouchOSC and Lemur free templates. The templates are great tools to control the device and design parameters automation…

Let’s take a look!

To enable OSC communication, is easy :

  • Click on “OSC” button (above the sample area) to show the OSC panel
  • Set input and outport ports
  • Set iPad IP address
  • Use “send” and “receive” buttons to enable sending and/or receiving OSC messages
  • Click on “dump” to send current status of each parameter to iPad
  • Done!
Display functions :
  • “From MFL” displays OSC messages from Kflux in the Max Window
  • “From external” displays incoming OSC messages in the Max Window
  • “Open OSC communication panel” opens the Max Window
This is handy when users want to build their own template! For example : just click on “From MFL” to see the OSC names of each Kflux parameter ;)

As usual, the better way to use OSC communication over WiFi, is using Ad Hoc networks.

Here’s a short video demo with TouchOSC template :

As you can see is really easy… and fun :)


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