Blackout is over!!

Ok folks, we’re back!!

New website, new logo, new colors, new crew (welcome Simone!), new devices (they are coming!), the brand new blog, forthcoming tutorials, online courses, custom support : this is the K-Devices ultra exciting 2012 plan!!

Here’s some details…


The online courses are here! So, you want to learn Max or Max For Live? All you need is to check the EDU page, choose a module, and fill the form. It’s easy!


Maybe you need someone’s help/advice/support for the development of an intermedia project? Then the CUSTOM page has been made right for you :)


This new blog will be the pulsing heart of the k-devices life : here you’ll find a lot of news and video tutorials about using our devices in many different ways!


We adopted a new shop platform, so if you already bought a K-Devices product, you’ll receive a message with details soon.


As usually, if you have questions, or something to say to us, you can use the contact form.

That’s all, for now… A lot of exciting stuff is coming during all this 2012, so don’t forget to follow K-Devices, by FacebookTwitter, or Newsletter!


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