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drumk 2


Drumk 2 is a Max For Live instrument device for beat-oriented sample manipulation.

Based on a grid and multisliders, drumk 2 is a really powerful and versatile tool: you can use drumk 2 to process drums samples, voices, strings or any kind of source you can imagine.

In drumk 2 you can choose to design sound with your hands, meticulously editing each step parameters and playback modes, but you can also using aleatory functions as random buttons, drunkwalk, walker mode, and time variation probabilities.

Drumk 2 stores up to 8 snapshots per preset. This makes drumk 2 an useful instrument in studio as well as during live performance. Recall snapshots on the fly, trigger random functions from your controller, play steps with your MIDI keyboard: you can create and perform your song with tons of variations using a couple of loops and following your inspiration.

Slices are triggered in sync with Ableton Live transport or via MIDI note messages.

No external objects are used in drumk 2.


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Multi Sample

Use up to 2 samples: waveforms show x-fade, roll, and amplitude values for the triggered slices


Time probability slider and var parameter introduce semi-random time variation

Random Functions

drunkwalk and walker modes, for unpredictable results and never-ending modulation

Sample Handling

Full range of twisting parameters : x-fade, length, roll, pitch, pan, amplitude

Control anything

Control up to 4 external parameters (other devices, third-party plugins, Live’s UI)


Shape each slices with generating waveform parameters peak and shape


Store and recall up to 8 snapshots per preset


Move between snapshots with interpolation time



Touch Templates

Two amazing drumk 2 Lemur (iOS & Legacy) templates are now available for free  in our store.

System Requirements

  • Live 8.4, Live 9.0.1 or higher
  • Max For Live
  • OsX and Windows

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