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M4L smart audio destroyer audio effect


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Made with gen~

gen~ powered: sample by sample accuracy guaranteed!

Let it resonate

Add short feedbacks and resonate your signal!

2 Shapes and Glitch Gate

Two algorithms to strip the flesh off your sound, with an exclusive glitch gate!


Shaper is a waveshaper based on  two differrnt algorithms: it also includes an exclusuve glitch-gate section. Last but not least, signals can then be resonated with a short delay, that can acts as a comb filter too.

We decided to insert two monitor, displaying audio signals before and after audio processing: this gives you a realtime visual feedback about how you are morphing you sound wave.

Shaper is perfect for percussive sound and signals with an high dynamic range.

Developed on the Max 6 engine, taking advantage of gen~, Shaper supports both 32 and 64 bit mode.

Shaper is developed using exclusively standard Max objects, to guarantee compatibility with latest Live and Max For Live versions.

1 review for shaper

    3 out of 5


    very nice tool!! it is very useful seeing what you are doing to the waveform in the two monitors!
    but i don’t like the filter (the one that activates when turning on the reson button) because it cuts too much highs…i’d love to have a knob for controlling it…however it is a very interesting tool that can be used (for example) to make angry basses in congorock, clockwork or felix cartal style!

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  • Ableton Live 9.0.1 or higher
  • Max For Live
  • OsX and Windows compatible