We released drumk 2!!

Hi friends! We are really proud to announce the immediate availability of the beat-oriented sample manipulator drumk 2. Drumk 2 is not just an update of drumK (discontinued): is a brand new device, with a lot of new exciting features! First, in the old drumK we included some step-controlled effects for the audio manipulation : overdrive, […]

Meanwhile, @K-Devices…

Dear friends Just few days after the release of EXT, we would like to thank you all for the huge success : EXT has been downloaded hundreds of times! This is great ;) As maybe someone already knows, K-Devices is a bi-located crew : we live/work between France and Italy, and just in these days […]

K-Users : William Harrington and moovmi

Ooook, let’s start talking about users, and how they use k-devices products… Our first guest is William C. Harrington, an electronic and experimental music composer/performer from Los Angeles. William worked for a lot of interesting people, as Gentle Giant and Frank Zappa (wow!!)… He uses our Max For Live device moovmi :) Moovmi is a free video-based MIDI […]

Controlling Kflux via MIDI

Kflux offers the user two ways to generate grains : continously (Flux mode) manually (Trig mode) In this tutorial we’ll see the second one… When user selects Trig mode, Kflux starts accepting midinote messages ; these messages can be used to trigger grains, or even to control amplitude and position of each single grain. Let’s take a look… The incoming MIDI messages are […]

Kflux Bundle Now Available

The Definitive Sound Granulation Bundle Kflux bundle is the complete suite for sound granulation for Max For Live users. The bundle contains three amazing devices: Kflux : Max For Live instrument device for granulation of sound Kfluxin : Max For Live audio effect device for granulation of sound Kfluxsy : Max For Live granulator synthesizer Kflux Bundle (three devices) […]

Blackout is over!!

Ok folks, we’re back!! New website, new logo, new colors, new crew (welcome Simone!), new devices (they are coming!), the brand new blog, forthcoming tutorials, online courses, custom support : this is the K-Devices ultra exciting 2012 plan!! Here’s some details… COURSES The online courses are here! So, you want to learn Max or Max […]