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  • joshua_eustis
  • Matt Donner
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  • Afro_DJ_Mac
  • AutoBeat

    I like to set up what might be a standard beat thing but have it vary over time, or just randomly, and the results are great. Accidental fills and breaks make things really nice when they happen to line up with something else going on and AutoBeat has been awesome for that!

    Joshua Eustis
  • EXT 2

    Just tinkering with it now and I’m getting some great ideas! Definitely worth 10x more than the price.

    Maslow Michaels

    Herse is a great EDM swiss-army knife. With the 8 or 9 tools all self-contained, Herse is a handy sound-design tool that instantly gives you fun results with minimal effort.

    Dig in to the back end and automate it for truly expressive and powerful control, or simply play with the randomizer to get unique results fast. Personally, I won’t think of “drunk-walking” the same way again – what a great feature!

    Matt Donner
  • REF

    Probably my favorite M4L device. I use this on nearly every track. Beautiful “musical” sounding modulations, and the clear GUI really helps you navigate the plentiful options to dial it in to the type of motion you want.

    Aaron Zilch
  • TED

    When inspiration is low, TED comes to the rescue. It’s great for when I have a specific wacky modulation idea in mind or am looking for some unpredictable magic.

    Afro DJ Mac

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